052 Leadership – Never Stop Learning

By now you know how to approach prospecting and cold calling—but do you actually put it into practice? You know that closed-ended questions are not a good idea—but do you really refrain from asking them? At the end of the day, it isn't the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake that counts, but what you actually put into practice. So make it happen!

051 Leadership – Reduce Complicatedness

“We have to reduce complexity” is the battle-cry of the unsuspecting. I'll explain why in this chapter. Above all, I'd like to help you focus on what is essential for your business, namely the optimal distribution of sales projects. After all, what is at stake is nothing less than your future!

050 Leadership – Predict Your Revenue

People are poor intuitive statisticians. That is why you shouldn't simply allow the respective salesperson to estimate the probability of success for their sale. This is a widespread practice, but fails to deliver realistic results. Do it better! Here are a few ideas on the matter.

049 Leadership – Set Reasonable Goals

Those who think that a monkey wrench actually wrenches monkeys might also think that you need a sales manager to manage sales. But is that really the case? What is clear is that those who do not have goals will end up where others want them to be. That is why goals are like guiding stars. But how are good goals established in sales?

047 Strategy – Do Not Reveal Too Much to Your Client

Great things are often achieved by exceptional people. Mistakes, however, are seldom exceptional. This also applies to the model of business fields I have introduced. Practice reveals typically made mistakes. I want to shed light on them and tell you how they can best be avoided.

045 Strategy – Conduct a Strategy Test

In what business fields are you successful? What type of customer relationship is particularly fruitful? Where are your best customers in terms of know-how and their willingness to switch providers? These are the questions that we will consider, because they are helpful in questioning and improving your sales strategy. Keyword: Market play.

044 Negotiation – Say Your Panic Phrase

How you do keep your cool in negotiations? How do you react in a poised manner? I admit that this is not always easy. But I do have a proven technique to give you: For tight situations, use your panic phrase! Let me start with a less well-known anecdote regarding Hans-Dietrich Genscher, a former German Foreign Minister, which is said to have occured at the University of Cologne.

043 Negotiation – Close Your “Appeal Ear“

At the Munich October Fest 2015 you had to pay more than $13 for a liter of poorly drawn beer, and yet nowhere else in the world was more beer being sold at this time. Why is that? I will now delve into the psychological reasons underlying price negotiation and explain how to put a muzzle on your inner price cutter. What would you pay for a burger? $4,99? What about $5,99 or $6,99? Even $8,99? I’m pretty sure you’ve seen menus with burgers for about $20 and even more. We’re talking about burgers of a similar quality. Why is this?

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