In-House Training for Your Company

Stephan and his team stand for profitable business-relationships. We support a genuine understanding and the profitable business that emerges from it. A company’s communication is always affected by a certain perspective. We would like to help your team to switch their perspective – especially the sales department’s one – in order become more customer oriented.

High-Level Selling

An in-house training with Stephan Heinrich will change your strategy when it comes to the acquisiton of new costumers. If you sell projects, complex products, ideas and concepts, or simply yourself as an expert, this training will multiply your success.

Do you sell capital expenditures? Your business model is based on complex services? Your products need to be explained? Stephan can help you!

You may ask yourself whether a training or a seminar is even able to improve your success with business clients. Everyone who wants to improve their chances in B2B profits from a participation, because Stephan’s trainings focus the most frequent challenges of B2B sales.

Finding the right path to the decision maker is not always easy. Make use of a profound expert knowledge in order to acquire reputably and succeed faster.

What’s the Training About?

  • A training with Stephan will change the perspective of your sales department. Your staff will acquire a language that makes your clients more likely to agree to an offer.
  • Perform customer pitches without any pressure. Turn your consultation into oral order confirmations.
  • Desperately cold-calling? Learn about the reasons of unsuccessful calls and find a way to stay confident even after numerous denials.
  • Learn more about an approved letter-system that will divide real customers from those that will not buy anything.
  • Adopt the secretary’s perspective in order to have a conversation at eye level.
  • Does your team still present the product that your company sells? Learn more about the non-presentation that will turn your team into experts for your clients, not for your products.
  • Learn how to use the tools of VisionSelling®
  • Gain an insight into the strategies of purchasers and learn how to avoid price negotiations
Verkaufstrainer Stephan Heinrich
Verkaufstraining in München

More than 15 years of practical experience with trainings and seminars showed the following:

If your company sells B2B products and services, that are intangible or too complex to “show”, you should definitely consider a training with Stephan Heinrich.

More Information

Different from traditional sales-trainings, Stephan’s trainings are not concerned with general wisdoms or the essentials of selling. Therefore, our trainings are optimized for experienced sales people, who would like to improve their outcome.

  • Sales People
  • Counselors
  • Self-Employed People
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Manager
  • CEOs

What Do You Get?

After each training, we hand out a questionnaire that asks the participants to estimate the additional value that they are planning to realize after the training. Estimations from past seminars were about € 25,000 annually per participant!

Added Value in Sales and Distribution


Talking at Eye-Level


Approaching potential customers is one of the most important challenges of a professional sales department. New methods have changed this field drastically and it’s not only cold calling anymore that defines this approach. Today, a sales department needs to flirt with a potential client. We show you how to perform this flirt.


Real Comprehension


The one who’s able to find the right issues in a conversation with the decision maker will get the right responses. Here, it’s all about being a good interlocutor. Self-confidence and candor will help to find the right path to the decision maker. It will build the trust to reveal the management’s real problems.

Price Negotiations

Defeat Your Income

Price Negotiations

Professional purchasers became more and more powerful over the last decades. Reference prices are available in real-time. This lead to the situation, that today’s price negotiations are not comparable anymore with those from the 90’s. Sales people need to review their principles. Today, they need a certain strength and above that, they need fixed prices.


Our trainings aim at experienced sales-people who would like to improve their outcome. If you are interested, but not yet fully convinced, do not hesitate to contact us!

“We worked in several sessions with Stephan Heinrich during 2007 an 2008. My team and I got new perspectives about selling to business accounts and a lot of very useful tips and tricks. His experience in the business and his analytic stile helped a lot to change our view on the way we do business. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Heinrich.“
Michael G., LORENZ Orga-Systeme GmbH
“With his utmost crisp messages, Stephan Heinrich reminded us about the difference between volume- and solutions-sales. He helped developing our channel partner sales people into real value sellers.”
Matthias G., OBJET
“I am happy to confirm that your speech during our annual SAP Business One Partner Meeting 2010 was scored with the highest rating from all agenda topics (basic for this was the analysis of the written feedback sheets of all participants). Some comments (also from the feedback sheets):
‘The speech of Mr. Heinrich was brilliant and hit exactly the nerve of a sales guy’ or the simple comment ‘++++++’

All in all we got a lot of personnel feedback afterwards saying ‘this was really good and made me start thinking what I have to change or optimize in my sales process’. And this was and is also my personnel view. Thanks a lot for your participation and your great support!”

Christian E., tegos
“When we informed our sales team about the upcoming workshop with Stephan Heinrich, a certain scepticism was noticeable. “What shall he teach us, that we do not already know?” In the course of the two workshop days, however, scepticism turned into verve. The shift in perspective from seller to buyer convinced us all. Our credo turned from presenting to active listening; with a great deal of success. The participants questions were answered adequately and practically, with a strong focus on everyday business. A superb workshop by a grand instructor.”
Richard C., Interact Consulting AG
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