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The listener amongst the speakers! Meet the leading expert for success with business clients. His principle: “Nobody wants to be persuaded. But everybody wants to be convinced.“ Stephan Heinrich is a professional speaker for marketing and sales. His clients appreciate his humor, his preciseness and his sharpness. By using unique methods, his speeches stay in the minds of the listeners and result in higher revenues for their companies. His audiences benefit from a long practical experience in marketing, sales and in leading positions. From this knowledge, he created something that he calls VisionSelling®: A catchy and effective method to negotiate with decision makers at eye level.

The experienced keynote speaker creates a fitting speech for your audience. Your message will become unforgettable! Of course he will adjust the content of the keynote according to your event and your needs. Below, you will find some examples of keynotes, that have already been realized on other events in the past.


Selling to Decision Makers
How to initiate and establish valuable relations

Selling is a Craft, not an Art
5 principles that expose the myth of a natural-born salesman

How to make your offers more “sexy”!

Don’t fear the Prices!
Backboned negotiations

Got an Idea?
How to get a “go” from your Decision Maker

Still collecting? Become a hunter!
An active distribution, supported by joy and commitment

Selling for dummies
Consultation results in a countable profit

Nobody wants to be persuaded, but everybody wants to be convinced!

Speaker Stephan Heinrich: Exciting and Entertaining

Stephan Heinrich knows how to sell complex products. „Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.“ This quote by Henry Ford matches exactly the mindset of Stephan Heinrich. This mindset is reflected in Stephan’s keynote speeches, on the one hand he values his audience, on the other hand, he challenges them. He does not shy anything to get people out of their comfort zone – if necessary, he provokes his audience. His keynote speeches are appreciated by numerous companies, maybe yours the next one? An experience of more than 20 years in leading positions makes Stephan Heinrich a well-respected expert in B2B sales.

Speaker Stephan Heinrich: Exciting und Entertaining

Stephan Heinrich has received a number of awards including “CSP Certified Speaking Professional“ from the US-American Speakers Association, the “Internationaler Deutscher Trainingspreis 2012/13″ and also the “Innovation Award 2014“ of the German Speakers Association. Furthermore, he is one of the few German-speaking Certified Speaking Professionals of the Natioal Speakers Association and an expert-member of Club 55.

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