042 Negotiation – Price Poker

You probably know the scene from Monty Python’s comedy classic “Life of Brian”, in which the protagonist, which is on the run, wants to buy an artificial beard. The seller tells him that the price for the beard is 20 shekels, and as Brain is about to pay, the seller says, “Wait a minute! We’re supposed to haggle…” The funny exchange that follows has always stuck in my memory and serves as a symbol for how a sales professional never expects the customer to agree to a price. And that’s the problem

041 Negotiation – Expose Sales Myths

Should you heat dishes containing mushrooms? Of course not, because the mushrooms become poisonous. My grandmother knew this. My mother did too. It just happens to be wrong. This probably came from the fact that mushrooms are so perishable and some people had stomach problems eating them before refrigerators became common. The business world, too, is fraught with persistent myths.

040 The Offer – Make a Checklist for Your Proposal

What does the ideal proposal look like? It begins with the client's current situation and a description of the problem. This is followed by the goal, implementation and only then the financial aspect. Avoid details. First read my checklist and then draw up your own.

038 The Offer – Lead Your Customer to the Contract

One fact is for sure undisputed: There is no economically sense making reason for creating offers that are unacceptable. What good should that be? Well, maybe some may think that you could beat time and make unacceptable offers in order to renegotiate.My question refers to the typical offers that come to be, when the customer says „Make me an offer!“. Does that seem familiar? Or I could ask „Do you know the easiest way to get rid of an salesman?“ Right: You will say „Send me an offer…“ The salesman thinks: „Great! I can make an offer“ and actually the customer thinks: „Thank got I’m rid of that one…“

037 The Offer – Take Your Customer on an Adventure

Do you like adventures? I don't mean an adventure such as Columbus might have taken, but more in the style of trips offered by travel agencies. Taking a boat up the Amazon River for instance? Or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Or a cave tour in Iceland? Then make your offer to your client in the form of an adventure!

035 Presentation – Aim for Seduction, Not Demonstration

Could you imagine buying your next car without taking it for a test drive? Most people would shake their head in bewilderment. It is no wonder then that for any appreciable investment, you assume that the customer needs a demonstration before she can make up her mind. But ist that really the case?

033 Presentation – Others Don’t Think So

Do you get it? Don't get me wrong; I have no doubts that you understand what you're reading here. My point is that “getting it” and grasping certain terminology is crucial. Why? Because terminology can give us security. But it can also lead to misunderstandings. And that's something you need to be prepared for.

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